1. The Greek Alphabet

2. First Declension Nouns

3. Second Declension Nouns

4. The Basics of Greek Verbs

5. Present Indicative Verbs

Weekly Plan for this semester

To maintain the pace, you’ll need to be diligent and consistent. To help with this, I’ve created a suggested schedule. Use and adapt it to suit your needs. 


  • Watch Video & Read Chapter
  • Add Vocabulary to Flashcards Deluxe 
  • Learn Vocabulary
  • Print/Prepare worksheet so you have copies to review


  • Use the “learn” section of the worksheet to learn the concepts
  • Review parsing for the chapter with ParseGreek
  • Review vocabulary in Flashcards Deluxe 

Thursday – Sunday

  • Review the “learn” section of the worksheet to internalize the concepts
    • Complete the worksheet repeatedly until you can do it from memory
  • Review the “review” section of the worksheet to maintain what you previously learned
  • Review vocabulary
  • Review parsing using ParseGreek
  • Work through some of the “For Our Meeting” section of the worksheet each day


  • Meet in person to go over material