1. The Greek Alphabet

Alphabet Song00:37
Vocabulary Overview03:30
Reading John 3:16-18 out loud01:04

2. First Declension Nouns

3. Second Declension Nouns

4. The Basics of Greek Verbs

5. Present Indicative Verbs

Lesson Video

Everything starts with being able to know the letters and how to pronounce the words.

This week’s work

Add this week’s vocabulary to Flashcards Deluxe and get busy learning it. Daily practice makes it easy!


  • Watch the video (above)
  • Read Chapter 1 in the Grammar
  • Learn vocabulary in Flashcards Deluxe (use the buttons above)
  • All your homework is found in the worksheet below. Download and complete it.
  • Practice the concepts for this chapter in ParseGreek for 10-15 minutes per day